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The office has moved
New address ⇒ 5th floor of Imon Ginza 1-chome Building, 1-18-6 Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo 104-0061
Began sales of "Electronic cleaning GOLD PLAN", a perfect countermeasure against eavesdropping and eavesdropping.
"Radio cleaning" was introduced in the January issue of Monthly Building Maintenance published by Japan Building Maintenance Association .▶Click here for details
"Radio cleaning" business tie-up with Central Security Co., Ltd.
Conducted radio wave cleaning at a political party headquarters.
Held a lecture on radio wave cleaning at a Securion Group workshop.
Held a lecture on radio wave cleaning at a meeting of the Zenpo Group "Zeoneikai".
A special issue on radio wave cleaning (Signal Police) was published in "Daily Gendai". ▶Click here for the article


It can be said that it is common for people - whether on a corporate or individual level – to have serious problems in their earnest activities because they are sincere.

Furthermore, in the recent transition to an extremely information-oriented society, information has become an valuable interest, and its unintentional handling often causes indiscriminate trouble.

These can arise in transactions, human relationships, romance, etc., but also because of information leakage due to wiretapping or voyeur crimes.

Since our founding as an investigation company, we have consistently strived so that our method of "scanning" will help solve such problems, and we have been working hard every day to ensure so.

It is our mission to restore the environment in which sincere people can be keep being sincere, and we will sincerely respond to your request. Thank you for your interest.

Current status of wiretapping and voyeur damage

Most people think that eavesdropping and voyeurism have nothing to do with us, but that is not the case. Eavesdropping crimes are increasing year by year along with the price reduction, downsizing, precision, and spread of the Internet.

Nonetheless, it's easy to think that wiretapping and voyeurism only apply to industrial espionage, movies, and novels, but the reality is that many homes, companies, and commercial facilities are exposed to wiretapping voyeurism.

And for sensitive or confidential "information" that is leaked without knowing, in most cases there is secondary damage such as trading, extortion, slander, stalking, and public exposure. In rental housing and second-hand housing, there are cases where the person who lived before set up a wiretapping voyeur device, and the next person who moved in was unlucky and suffered from wiretapping voyeur.

Of course, there is no end to cases where partners, ex-partners, friends, officials, and even stalkers cleverly attach eavesdropping voyeur devices, and recently it is suspected that it is also occurring with people involved in construction work.

When moving to a new living space, it is recommended that you inspect "radio wave cleaning" for wiretapping and peeping radio waves. In addition, eavesdropping and voyeur photography are still being carried out in familiar places such as hotels, department stores, event halls, hot spring facilities, petrol station facilities, companies, and schools. Don't let this malicious and despicable crime go unchecked.

In order to protect the privacy of individuals and companies, carry out radio wave cleaning with “Signal Police”, our perfect signal eavesdropping / voyeur protection device created from our experience and knowledge as a long-standing research company.

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