What is Signal Police?

The wireless signal wiretapping eavesdropping radio wave detection device "Signal Police" was devised based on the voices of facility personnel who are concerned about eavesdropping / voyeur crimes by utilizing our experience and knowledge as a research company.

It is an eavesdropping/voyeurism countermeasure device.

Up until now, expensive costs have been charged for the discovery and removal of eavesdropping devices and voyeur cameras. In the future, by using "Signal Police," it will be possible to carry out inspections (radio wave cleaning) 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, at no cost and at any time .

In addition, it is designed so that it cannot directly handle audio and video, and it cannot be used illegally (sniffing and filming). Regardless of the ethics of the user, it can only be used for safety and justice, so anyone can use it with confidence.

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Signal Police introduction record
From its release in October 2007 to the present, various facilities such as major coffee chain stores, major fast food restaurants, long-established hot springs, hotels, major hotel groups, railway facilities, school facilities, sports stadiums, international exhibition centres, etc. It has been well received by companies for its introduction.

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