所在調査 ◎ Pursuit, discovery and confirmation of people and things
  (runaways, disappearances, benefactors, etc.)

*Reference price 36,000 yen (Exclusive fee/1 person/day)
Infiltration inquiry
◎ We will infiltrate companies, groups, gatherings, etc. to investigate.
◎ We will provide the person who will set up according to the purpose and convenience and will investigate and work.

*Reference price 36,000 yen (Exclusive fee/1 person 1 day)
Follow inquiry◎ General conduct and confirmation work

*We will estimate the number of people and group composition in advance.
*Survey expenses (transportation expenses, etc.) and consumption tax are not included.
*There is a discount system for long-term surveys.

Basic Fee
  6,000 yen/hour for each researcher
  (Minimum dispatch 2 people 3 hours)
Interpersonal survey
(personal permit, employment, etc.)
◎ Personal and object pursuit discovery, confirmation
◎ General investigation about a person

※Reference price 48,000 yen (full-time expense /1 person 1 day)
  (person, present address, family living together)
OtherIn addition to the above, we are always open to consultation with the motto "being personal" about investigation cases such as defense management in companies and organizations, troubles between men and women in love and marriage, general troubles in daily life, etc.

* We will strictly keep the secret, so please feel free to contact us.
*Please feel free to contact us for requests for wiretapping and voyeur investigations.

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