Signal Police product specifications

Signal Police (Portable type)

ModelFor voyeur shooting: SP1 For sniffing: SP5
Power supplyAA batteries x 4 (SP1), 8 (SP5) or the included AC adapter
Continuous operation SP1: 4 hours SP5: 1 hour (when using alkaline batteries)
Charging function Charging time: 6 hours Continuous operation time: 3.5 hours
Size Main body 200 × 135 × 50 mm (excluding the largest protrusion)
Weight900g (excluding battery weight)

Signal Police (fixed installation type)

ModelDrip-proof specifications: SP3, SP3R
contact output: SP4
Power supplyAttached AC adapter (6V 1.8A)
Internal rechargeable battery Charging time: 15 hours
Operating time: 1 hour (full charge)
SizeMain unit 240 x 120 x 90 mm (excluding maximum protrusion)
Receiver 140 x 67 x 28 mm (excluding maximum protrusion)
Weight 1300g (including internal backup battery)
OptionAlarm receiver (Warning is issued to the outside in the range of about 100 m line-of-sight)
Receiving repeater (For extending the warning notification alert reach of the alarm receiver)
Data communication unit (long-distance notification, centralized management) Built-in LAN board

Product Features
◎ A device that detects eavesdropping and peeping radio waves emitted from inside and outside of the main body within a radius of 10 m (less than 100 tsubo) and issues a warning by light and sound to the surrounding area.
◎ Sensitively detects eavesdropping waves and voyeur waves, and malfunctions due to radio waves emitted from other devices (cell phones, OA devices, wireless devices, etc.) are suppressed.
◎ Easy operation that anyone can handle, no difficult operation or knowledge is required.
◎ It is possible to move (take out) the equipment (SP1/SP5).

Providing Method
◎ 3-year lease or rental
◎ Please feel free to contact us for short-term rental.

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